Letters to the Editor

San Luis Obispo’s March for Science to fight scientific ignorance, writer says

On April 22, March for Science events will be held around the world, including San Luis Obispo, at 10 a.m. at Emerson Park. I will proudly join that march. I will march to call attention to the vital role that science must play in helping a democratic society make informed decisions, whether about climate change, clean air and water or disease control and prevention.

Scientific results are now being ignored or seriously misrepresented. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency asserted that carbon dioxide emissions are not the primary cause of global warming and that there was “tremendous disagreement” over the impacts of these emissions on our climate. Both assertions are false.

Our president believes vaccinations cause autism. Scientific evidence refutes this. Several states have introduced legislation mandating the teaching of “both sides” of climate change and evolution. Science, not pseudo-science, should be taught in our schools.

Many urgent issues face our nation whose solutions require critical thinking based on facts, evidence and the laws of nature. Please join your fellow citizens and stand up for free scientific inquiry and against scientific ignorance.

Ray Weymann, Atascadero