Letters to the Editor

COLAB made up of good, hardworking people

Tom Fulks
Tom Fulks dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

After reading Tom Fulks’ column on April 9 (“Tax forms offer a peek inside the ‘dark world’ of COLAB”) regarding COLAB, I was dismayed at his take on this group. He makes them sound more like Mafioso than the hard workers and fine representatives that they are.

His many terms — “favored gentry” and “backroom illuminati” — are an insult to the dedication and work of these folks, who are our friends and neighbors.

He lists officers and directors who, reading down the list, I see are working people active in our community and successful in their respective fields, many whom I have personally known for decades and have respected for their honesty, generosity and willingness to donate their time to the community.

To vilify these people is an insult to us all. My wife attended the COLAB dinner that he described as “just the privileged money celebrating their publicly subsidized good fortune.” We had not realized we were privileged money. We are hard workers, and certainly not moneyed, and we assure the public there is no slinking, backroom, rich folk, favored gentry shenanigans going on. We only have to see the list of officers and directors to know that this is a group of honest, hardworking members of our county.

Jeremiah O’Brien, Morro Bay