Letters to the Editor

Internet memes can be used to spark social change or innovation

I am writing to express my concern about memes. There is a misconception that memes are strictly amusing or interesting items found on the internet, but memes can be much more. Richard Dawkins, the originator of the term, says memes are ideas or concepts that change and mutate through time within cultures.

As a millennial and college student who has seen the growth of internet memes within the past decade, I understand why memes are not taken seriously. However, as I attempt to find purpose in many of the things I do and see, there can be a higher purpose to memes.

By understanding that a meme is an idea, memes can be used to spark social change or innovation. Everything from empowering women to improving smartphones are all examples of memes.

I urge your readers to take a different look on memes and to use them for the advancement of our society and culture. Ultimately, memes can change the world.

Tony Nguyen, San Luis Obispo