Letters to the Editor

Thanks for nothing, Gov. Moonbeam

California Gov. Jerry Brown
California Gov. Jerry Brown New York Times file

Congratulations, Gov. Moonbeam!

You and your band of California Democrats have managed to cement our position as the nation’s leader in taxing its citizens. Through arm-twisting, bribery and the sellout of the lone Republican senator from Ceres, Anthony Cannella, Moonbeam managed to win the two-thirds majority needed to pass Senate Bill 1.

Beginning Nov. 1, Californians can look forward to paying an extra 43 percent for gasoline tax and more than double for diesel tax. We can also expect a significant increase in our vehicle registration fees. So, rather than divert the billions earmarked for the ridiculous high-speed rail project to repair our state’s infrastructure, you’ve decided to levy even higher taxes on your constituents.

I hope our state Republicans ensure Sen. Cannella loses his job when his term is up.

Mark Schmitt, Pismo Beach