Letters to the Editor

The gender gap exists because of women’s choices

The women’s movement wants you to believe that the gender gap is a MAN-made problem. Somehow they neglect to mention that there are no external obstacles for women to enter higher-paid professions. The schools do not discriminate against women applicants; rather, the opposite is true. And the men in this society — your fathers and brothers — do not stone you to death for want of education and independence. They encourage it.

The movement also neglects to mention the internal reasons women make less money. Most of the studies indicate that women do not negotiate their contracts. Nor do we accept a higher-paying job in a less safe environment or one requiring travel away from home. That is OUR choice. We choose how hard we want to work to get to our professional goals. Some choose to never have children in order to be competitive in the market place. Others consider motherhood the most important job there is — even if unpaid. But how can you put a value on family? My daughter is priceless to me.

The gender gap is not MAN-made; it is a choice – a WOMAN’s choice.

Irene Spinello, Templeton