Letters to the Editor

Services districts should ask SLO County to pick up groundwater management costs

An electric-powered well near Highway 41 near Shandon.
An electric-powered well near Highway 41 near Shandon. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Quid pro quo: noun; something that is given or taken in return for something else.

I have a few questions regarding the decision by three San Luis Obispo County supervisors to pay to set up GSAs in certain areas of the county where landowners opted not to do so for themselves.

If a quid pro quo between the three supervisors and the property owners in the areas involved does exist, I would welcome the opportunity to be informed of that agreement, so that we in my area might evaluate it, possibly enter into it, and have the county pay for our GSA, too.

However, if there is no quid pro quo extant here, it would appear the decision the three supervisors made March 7 and confirmed April 4 is an expressed change of general county policy. And in that case, I would request our local services district, which serves as our GSA, to immediately apply to the county to pick up the funding of that GSA, including, of course, those funds already expended.

Hugh M. Gilson, Oceano