Letters to the Editor

California, SLO should lead U.S. on clean energy

On March 28, The Tribune reported on President Donald Trump’s executive order to reverse federal climate protections that were years in the making. The “Clean Power Plan” would have prevented deaths from pollution and advanced clean energy and energy efficiency. This executive order signals a major attack on sensible federal climate policy and a lack of international leadership on climate solutions from the United States. And it signals a lack of entrepreneurial spirit to lead on clean energy technology and jobs.

It is more important than ever for states like California and cities like San Luis Obispo to take a leadership role and show what can be done with smart energy and climate policy. We can create new jobs and industries. We can save money on energy bills through energy efficiency and water efficiency. And we can create vibrant and healthy communities where people can safely walk and bike to the local grocery store. Let’s start here and show them it can be done.

Bill Bradlee, San Luis Obispo