Letters to the Editor

Shop secondhand to help save the environment

The San Luis Obispo Goodwill thrift store.
The San Luis Obispo Goodwill thrift store. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

The fashion industry is said to be the second most polluting industry in the world, right after oil. Currently, textile waste accounts for about 5 percent of all landfill space, according to The Council for Textile Recycling, and that T-shirt you’re wearing took upwards of 715 gallons of water to produce (WWF).

As a first-year landscape architecture student at Cal Poly, I care deeply about our environment and the impact we as consumers leave behind. Luckily, San Luis Obispo is full of secondhand stores that offer a cheaper and more sustainable way to shop, especially for a young college student. Upon moving to SLO, I was impressed by the selection of secondhand stores, although I wish there was more of a trend for students to shop at them. Giving them your business not only helps to keep clothing out of landfills and from being produced, but also harbors a greater sense of style and individualism.

My hope is that consumers in SLO continue to support and find value in their secondhand stores.

Claire Dosen, San Luis Obispo