Letters to the Editor

When will Trump voters realize he doesn’t care about the middle class?

Donald Trump on April 6, 2017.
Donald Trump on April 6, 2017. AP

When will the people who voted for Donald Trump (I use his name because I don’t recognize him as a president) begin to realize that he is not interested in the underprivileged. Just look at his Cabinet.

He is surrounded by billionaires, who, by the end of four years, will be trillionaires. His claim to be looking out for the middle and lower class of our society is ludicrous. His narcissistic, bombastic rhetoric is beyond belief.

Since when has the USA not been great? I suggest not since 2008, when President Barack Obama inherited the worst depression since the 1930s. That’s when I was born; don’t tell me about hard times.

Denys Templeton, Paso Robles