Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Tribune, for spotlight on Amazing Surf Adventures

Thank you for your front-page feature on Amazing Surf Adventures. As a regular volunteer with the group and its Operation Surf program, I appreciate this well-deserved local recognition.

Here are aspects of ASA and OP SURF not included the article:

Through OP SURF, ASA creates opportunities for community volunteers to support our wounded military. Because OP SURF runs programs in Santa Cruz, Coco Beach, Florida, and soon Huntington Beach, hundreds of volunteers have had the rewarding and insightful experience of working together and giving in gratitude to those who have given so much of themselves.

ASA supports local veterans, whether wounded or not, transitioning to civilian life through its OP SURF for Vets Program. This program, too, is supported by local businesses and organizations such as the Veterans Success Center at Cal Poly.

ASA runs a summer surf program for children of families touched by cancer.

As Van Curaza stated, paying for ASA programs requires funding. Contributions, donations and grants are always needed to keep the nonprofit group healthy. Public recognition helps cement ASA’s reputation as a leader in rehabilitation programs for wounded military and enhances its fundraising capacity.

Again, thanks for the recognition.

Gary Brennan, Arroyo Grande