Letters to the Editor

Without penalties, what will motivate Californians to pay tickets?

California Gov. Jerry Brown
California Gov. Jerry Brown The Associated Press

Gov. Jerry Brown and state Sen. Robert Hertzberg are misguided in their attempt to pass Senate Bill 881 (“California governor: Driver’s license penalty harms the poor,” Jan. 28). Once again our government is rewarding people for their criminal behavior by supporting this bill.

While I sympathize with Aaron Cutchon’s financial situation, the fact is he knowingly broke the law not once, but two times by driving in a carpool lane. He knew it was illegal the first time, yet he blatantly did it again. The financial penalties are usually written on these signs so, why, knowing the tight financial situation he was in, did he even do it the first time?

Now our government leaders want to reward his illegal behavior and give him his license back, fines unpaid. Taking a license is usually what forces people pay the fine. Did Mr. Cutchon check a bus schedule for transportation?

People always seem to have enough money for expensive electronics, liquor and cigarettes. Well, next time I get a traffic ticket, maybe I can sweep it under the rug, too. It does not surprise me that Brown supports this bill, because he rewards undocumented immigrants, sending mixed messages to those who break the law. Look at the mess we are in now.

Michele Norwood, Arroyo Grande