Letters to the Editor

Andrea Seastrand, like other conservatives, fails to connect the dots

Andrea Seastrand
Andrea Seastrand

I am constantly amazed at how inept conservatives are at connecting the dots. Whether it is investing in public education instead of prisons, seeing how invading other countries breeds terrorists, or waking up to the fact that free markets don’t do anything but line the pockets of the rich, conservatives stick to their tired old mantra of “me, me, me.”

Andrea Seastrand’s commentary in The Tribune (“Our highways need improving. But it shouldn’t take more taxes to do it,” March 4) was no exception. Hey, I don’t want to have to pay more taxes than I have to, either, so I was looking forward to hearing her plan for improving our highways without increasing taxes. I should have known it was going to be same old tripe.

No new taxes; just divert the transportation funds that now go into the General Fund back into transportation. Problem solved! But wait — what about the funds now diverted from the General Fund? Do you have a plan for what you would cut, Ms. Seastrand?

Nope. Nowhere does she mention any plan for where to cut. One can only guess it would have to be public education or social services (once again).

Is this the path The Tribune’s new “conservative voice” is taking? More of the same mantra from dull-eyed conservatives? Can’t you find a conservative viewpoint that offers something new, or least something halfway intelligent?

Mark Tomes, Santa Margarita