Letters to the Editor

Take a break from the outrage and enjoy the scenic Central Coast


I have strong feelings about what is happening to us politically. I also have people in my life who feel differently.

I’m increasingly aware that tuning into the news is a drug, an outrage machine that feeds us doses of adrenaline drip by drip. Politicians want to keep that drug in our systems so we will vote for them. Cable news stations want viewers, hence advertising dollars. They want us divided so they can use us for their purposes. Let’s not let them.

The Central Coast is so beautiful and green after the rains. We can breathe deeply, watch monarch butterflies rise. Look at the sky in the night and see the constellations. Watch the tops of the waves blown back to sea by the offshore winds.

Let’s try to remember we are all here for a brief moment out of time and on the same ride through the solar system.

Gail Jensen Sanford, Morro Bay