Letters to the Editor

Hoy’s struggle with the GOP’s direction made for educational reading

Matthew Hoy
Matthew Hoy dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

You do your readers a disservice by discontinuing Matthew Hoy’s column.

While I didn’t always (almost never) agree with his views, lately the column had taken an interesting turn. Watching this young man try to reconcile his sincerely held conservative views with the insanity coming from the White House was compelling reading.

I’m sure (hope) that many voters with a conscience are fighting a similar internal battle. We were lucky enough to see it being played out in a semi-monthly column. Hoy showed he was an independent thinker. He showed he was unwilling to follow the example set by his party’s leadership and blindly fall in behind Donald Trump on matters where he thought Trump was off-base.

You have missed (or ignored) a great opportunity to educate your readership.

Thomas Bringle, Grover Beach