Letters to the Editor

Tribune subscription just isn’t worth it anymore

The Tribune’s building
The Tribune’s building bdugan@thetribunenews.com

Tomorrow my subscription is up for renewal, and I sit here and struggle with the fact that this newspaper (if you want to call it that) is no longer worth the value of the paper or the knowledge of the print. Therefore, it is with heartfelt regret that I am canceling my subscription of 50-plus years.

As a native of San Luis Obispo, I learned to read using this newspaper and have been featured in it a couple of times. And in the times past, I have truly enjoyed the national and local news and features, presented on time and honestly, presented without bias or one-sidedness. In the past couple of years, the news has been old or incomplete, and, without doubt, biased.

I no longer enjoy reading the newspaper, and many times have had to put it down and walk away. $370 is very sad for what a customer is getting when so many other sites are available!

Good luck with your existence.

Bernie Ries, Atascadero