Letters to the Editor

Maybe civility will return when Democrats take back the Senate

Thank you, Joe Tarica.

I read your excellent and disturbing column in The Tribune (“What kind of world are we creating, so overcome by rage and dishonesty?” Feb. 19) and can only hope that some civility will return in 2018 when the Democrats recapture the Senate and make progress in the House. Trump is a pathological liar full of hatred and bigotry and has surrounded himself with the same.

Many of my “past friends” as a result of this election have turned against decent, reliable and loving people — immigrants — for no other reason but to surface their deep-seated bigotry and the need to made their views public. Trump rallied these people, both educated and uneducated, to support his disastrous agenda and make it seem OK. It’s not OK!

I live in an affluent neighborhood in Nipomo with many of us having our homes cleaned and yards maintain by migrant workers who are charming, sweet, loving, hard-working people who are only trying to make the world a better place for their families.

I like Big Sky Cafe and ate lunch or dinner there every month or two. Based on their owner’s action, Greg Holt, and your column, I will now make sure I try to eat there at least once a week and tell every friend I know to do the same.

Stanley Fisher, Nipomo