Letters to the Editor

SLO firefighters deserve to be treated with respect and dignity

After hearing about the firefighter video in The Tribune, I watched it on my computer and am so sad that anyone would think this was funny.

“Saturday Night Live” is much nicer than this was, and I am really shocked that the people who put it together thought this was humorous. It puts down our firefighters, and what the heck is the reason for that? Should we not just be thankful that we have committed individuals who risk their lives to save ours and our homes and businesses rather than aim snarky humor at them?

I find it interesting that this same city manager was the one who saw to it that a previous chief of police was let go (and of course none of the public could ever know the reasons but for the fact he had a different management style than she did). So why is she aiming at those who serve us?

I am just not understanding all of this and feel that the city attorney might be checking out some of the background on this kind of treatment of our public “servants” — for they are not servants and should be treated with respect and dignity.

Carol Kiessig, Paso Robles