Letters to the Editor

Trump supporters should realize their president is a fraud

Dear Trump supporters, Is it not obvious yet that your man is a fraud? Your first clue should’ve been his record of abundant praise for the Clintons — Bill the “great president” and Hillary the “wonderful woman” and “great senator.” But after championing the birther movement, he found in you a willingness to believe anything (or at least a reliable disinterest in what’s true). His newfound Hillary-hate proved irresistible to you, and your rally cheers and Twitter likes proved irresistible to his ego.

His lack of knowledge has never been hidden — from his assuming there’s an Article 12 in the Constitution to his repeated assertion that we should’ve stolen Iraq’s oil! He’s tried to undermine trust in U.S. elections and intelligence agencies just to make himself feel better. This is not “America first”; this is “Trump’s ego first.” Calling a press briefing on his first full day in office to insist that his inaugural crowd was the biggest ever, an easily debunked claim, defies grown-up logic. Trump is either 4 years old, crazy, or quietly laughing in disbelief at your credulity. Like he said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Evan Ball, Atascadero