Letters to the Editor

‘On Golden Pond’ is excellent theater right in Morro Bay

I want to share some good news. The former Pewter Plough Players, for years located in Cambria, have moved to Morro Bay, bringing live theater to this town by the sea. Aptly renamed By the Sea Productions, they now reside in Erickson Hall at St. Peter’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church, 545 Shasta Ave.

Last Saturday night, my husband and I were treated to a subtly humorous, achingly emotional performance of “On Golden Pond.” The talented cast portrayed fully developed characters experiencing love and longing, each in a unique way.

Leading actors Tom Ammon and Toni Young kept the show flowing and interesting, despite the play’s use of extended dialog. Strong performances from Craig Brooke, Janine Elich, Tim Linzey and 14-year-old Ali Burkhead iced the theatrical cake. It was a pleasure to witness this professional-style theater event right here in Morro Bay.

“On Golden Pond” will continue two more weekends, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons until March 5. Tickets at 805-776-3287.

Diane Ludin, Morro Bay