Letters to the Editor

Coverage of SLO County supervisors is key to an informed electorate

I appreciated reading San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s Viewpoint in the Feb. 2 edition of The Tribune (“With SLO County supervisors in a new era of pettiness, the public must pay attention”). No doubt there have always been liberal-majority and conservative-majority makeups on the county board.

The newly elected conservative majority seems to have concluded that even the most mundane, routine county actions must reflect their ideological viewpoint. It used to be that conservatives valued long-standing and useful traditions, such as rotating the board chairman and assigning supervisors to various committees without regard to party or ideology. Evidently the “new” conservatives have abandoned such quaint practices.

I hope The Tribune will provide greater coverage of the new board majority’s actions and county government generally so that voters will be knowledgeable when the next county election rolls around.

Kent M. Taylor, San Luis Obispo