Letters to the Editor

Take action — sign the petition to push for nonbiased news organizations

Many faithfully follow their favorite news organizations where they are fed a steady stream of liberal or conservative talking points and conclusions that leave little room for original thought. The danger here is that decisions are formed based upon the opinions of a few elite journalists. With so much power in the hands of a small group, democracy is degraded when they impose a one-sided view.

Most of us understand the news media’s priorities and think they are too powerful to change. We may complain, some shift to foreign news, and some check out of news altogether, but most of us feel helpless to do anything about it.

Although it may not be clear now, I believe there is hope in solving this issue. When we’ve had enough, the American people will find its voice and demand a responsible and free press that supports freedom of thought. Also, innovation is making its way into the news space, focusing on neutrality and balance that will usher in a new approach to news.

Have you had enough? Now you can let your voice be heard. Here is a petition that calls on national news organizations to change. Let’s take action!

Mike Smith, Paso Robles