Letters to the Editor

Tribune’s effort to include more conservative voices is just window dressing

The Tribune
The Tribune bdugan@thetribunenews.com

I read with interest your decision to accommodate more conservative thought, but in my view, you still don’t get it.

The cartoons, the headlines, the location of articles that fit your narrative all reveal an intense and pervasive liberal bias and intolerance. You pillory President Donald Trump at every turn (for example, the political cartoon in the very same issue) while you wink at or ignore the corresponding deceitfulness and corruption of both former President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Adding a few touches here and there may not be credible because they will arise from your own perspective, which blurs your vision of what conservative thoughts are like and what are needed.

If you were really serious, you would include thoughtful conservatives on your editorial board. Anything less than that is mere tokenism, just window dressing, in my opinion. Short of such a step, I’m not yet able to take you seriously, but I’ll be watching with my fingers crossed.

Wayne Rydberg, San Luis Obispo