Letters to the Editor

SLO County needs to do something to fix Cayucos’ veterans hall

The Cayucos Veterans Memorial Lions Hall in April 2016.
The Cayucos Veterans Memorial Lions Hall in April 2016. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

The community of Cayucos’ Veterans Memorial Lions Hall sits empty. What a shame that nothing is being done to fix the problem. Life goes on, events are held in a tent (which serves a purpose); the problem there lies in the fact that it does not accommodate the handicapped. They have to go outside the tent, around the front of the building. It is often dark. This presents another problem: Injury can happen to any individual. There are many factors that limit the rental of the tent. Wind causes the facility to dance, it is difficult to hear one another, and cold causes discomfort.

Revenue is being lost to the community, because some individuals just don’t want a tent event.

As a concerned citizen of the community of Cayucos, I would like to see the problem of the veterans hall addressed by San Luis Obispo County. What is the solution? If our so-called powers-that-be would quit making this a political issue, look at it realistically and get something done. Perhaps our supervisor, Bruce Gibson, could go to bat for the community that he represents. Find the money allocated for such repairs.

Marilyn L. Rodgers and William A. Rodgers, Cayucos