Letters to the Editor

Tom Fulks tries to scare readers with the Big Oil ‘boogie man’


Tom Fulks (“Measure A: Our last, best hope against Big Oil?” Feb. 12) used the same tired and worn-out technique of trying to scare the old folks and the kids. If you don’t support a marine sanctuary off our coast, the big bad oil boogie man is going to get you.

Please. You drive a car, Tom? Heat your home? Cook your food?

For an offshore oil rig to be sited, it takes a huge on-land footprint or staging area for tools, machinery, material, ships and personnel. There is no such area available in San Luis Obispo County. The nearest one is Oxnard Harbor, 150 miles away. This is far too great a distance to be practical.

Fulks mentioned the San Miguel Project. One component of this was to carve out a new harbor at the mouth of the Santa Maria River to provide logistical support. That did not fly 30 years ago. Would the prospects be any better today? Not likely.

It seems unfair to future generations for mine to say “no energy development ever.” Technology improves constantly. Future generations may need this energy.

Lastly, Measure A has worked for 31 years. Quite a record.

Steven L. Rebuck, San Luis Obispo