Letters to the Editor

An open letter to Cal Poly’s president on Yiannopoulos security costs

According to multiple local sources, Cal Poly’s recent decision to host Milo Yiannopoulos cost the campus approximately $55,000 in security. I am disappointed, Mr. President, that we spent this much of our valuable resources on base entertainment for a small group of students.

While I support the intelligent and conflicting discourse befitting an educational institution, I am sickened that my alma mater pandered to the sort of bigotry and trifling titillation one might find on the Jerry Springer show. I am equally disheartened that you thought it necessary to spend that much money on security, bespeaking an extreme lack of faith in the integrity of those who disagreed with your decision to allow Yiannopoulos to speak. In the future, I and many other alumni will find better ways to spend our annual donations.

Victoria Trautman, Santa Margarita