Letters to the Editor

Cal Poly should charge all clubs for security or update written policy

Cal Poly entrance
Cal Poly entrance jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I attended a public discussion at the San Luis Obispo mosque during the January 2016 Cal Poly Muslim conference. While there, I met a participant in the conference and had the pleasure of walking a few blocks with her. Our discussion was most informative, and I marveled at the difference between this mature, intelligent, respectful young woman and those sorority sisters that I regularly encounter in my neighborhood near Cal Poly.

I understand that the Muslim Student Association was charged 20 percent for the security provided during their conference. I suggest that the university charge the Cal Poly College Republicans 20 percent of their security costs or refund the 20 percent charged to the MSA. Perhaps a 20 percent charge to all campus organizations is appropriate in a written policy program going forward.

Please don’t repeat the public relations boondoggle that saved you $20,000 on the Al Moriarty scoreboard fiasco but cost you hundreds of thousands in community goodwill.

Linda White, San Luis Obispo