Letters to the Editor

Planned Parenthood is not ‘about the money,’ it’s about providing health care

Planned Parenthood in San Luis Obispo.
Planned Parenthood in San Luis Obispo. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Anyone who says Planned Parenthood is “about the money,” as a someone interviewed for an article did recently, is plain misinformed (“Dueling protests to take place at Planned Parenthood in San Luis Obispo,” Feb. 10).

When I was a student and had no insurance and little money for doctors, I relied on Planned Parenthood for exams and other basic care. So did many of my friends. Would those who want to defund it prefer that women have no health care at all? Apparently. They don’t want abortion, but the organization’s name says it all. Better to have healthy women with planning and contraceptive options than abortion or unwanted children.

Charlotte Berney, San Luis Obispo