Letters to the Editor

Let’s tax carbon and give the money back to American households

Regarding the article in The Tribune on Feb. 3, “Senators push EPA nominee as Dems boycott,” there is a form of revenue-neutral carbon fee-and-dividend that would tax fossil fuels, return all the revenue from the tax to households and promote clean energy. This could appeal to members of both parties.

If the carbon price rises slowly but steadily with a “fee-and-dividend” approach, the economy can accommodate the move to low-carbon energy without harm to consumers.

The key feature of this revenue-neutral plan is to rebate 100 percent of the emissions fees back to all households on an equal basis. Hence, there would be no new tax and no new government bureaucracy. The dividend check could be direct deposited by the Social Security Administration into each of our bank accounts monthly.

According to a study by Regional Economic Models Inc., taxing carbon and returning the revenue directly to households will create millions of jobs in 20 years and reduce greenhouse emissions by half.

Putting a price on carbon makes good sense for the economy and the environment.

Newton Hightower, Arroyo Grande