Letters to the Editor

Central Coast Funds for Children invests in early education

Reduce deficits and strengthen the economy!

This is a common refrain, but few realize that investing in early education is the research-proven way to accomplish this. For every dollar spent in early education, the social benefits yield $8.60. Learn. Connect. Play. Foundation Preschool wants to thank Central Coast Funds for Children for their investment in our early education program. Their donation allows us to provide quality instruction and will yield significant returns to our families and our community.

Learn. Connect. Play. Foundation has a three-pronged approach to meeting the complex educational and social needs of families in our community. We run a free, daily preschool funded by the California Department of Education, Home Visiting Services and a free, monthly Parent Education Class covering a variety of topics that is open to the entire community.

CCFC is a local nonprofit organization established to benefit children in need of special assistance. They have raised and granted more than $1.4 million since their founding in 1994. CCFC’s gift allows us to pay our staff fair and living wages and promote family health, stability and economic vitality. Thank you, CCFC, for your gift and investment in children and families — SLO’s most precious resources.

Dona Hare Price, San Luis Obispo