Letters to the Editor

Pitts calls white America racist, but makes no contribution to race discussions

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a social issues columnist for The Miami Herald.
Leonard Pitts Jr. is a social issues columnist for The Miami Herald. McClatchy

In his “love letter” to Michelle Obama (“Love letter to Mrs. Obama,” Jan. 8), Leonard Pitts Jr. concludes that where race relations are concerned, we are an “unwell” nation and “will probably get worse before getting better.” He blames “ugly, stupid” white people full of “hateful” images. He cites two recent examples of deplorable comments by whites about the first lady.

In his “Godspeed, Barack” piece, Pitts blames any of the president’s shortcomings on anything but the president, arguing that most resistance faced by the president was revealed to be conservative ugliness, hatred and fear where race is concerned. His only criticism of the president is that he was too naive to recognize the shrill, hysterical racism that most blacks experience.

Interestingly, Pitts avoids commenting on the president’s legacy regarding “the economy, health care, foreign policy, privacy matters and war.” Fortunately for Tribune readers, The Sacramento Bee addressed these issues thoughtfully and mostly objectively.

When reading Pitts, I am left thinking his sole purpose in writing is to denigrate white America as racist. As such, he makes no meaningful contribution to discussions of race in this “unwell” nation but clearly helps ensure it will “get worse before getting better.”

Why is he carried in The Tribune?

Gary J. Brennan, Arroyo Grande