Letters to the Editor

Leonard Pitts’ ‘moral stand’ for the media belongs in the trash can

TNS Columnist Leonard Pitts.
TNS Columnist Leonard Pitts. TNS

Leonard Pitts attempts, but fails, to make the case for when the media should call politicians that utter “untruths” a liar (“News media must take a moral stand,” Jan. 5). Additionally, it comes with a glaring caveat: If you are a Republican, (Donald Trump) you are indeed a liar for uttering an “untruth.” If you are a Democrat, (Hillary Clinton) you are given a pass because her “untruths” were insignificant, and therefore she is not to be called a liar. Quite a moral standard.

Mr. Pitts then goes on to suggest that the media is the one to decide when to “strive to be fair ... to offer a balanced view” and when a balanced view would be journalistic malpractice. Laughable at best. Furthermore, while these might be “perilous times,” as he states, he can’t be worried about the authoritarianism coming into the White House when he didn’t seem to be worried about it for the past eight years. That’s hypocrisy of the first degree, is journalistic malpractice and relegates Mr. Pitt’s moral stand for the media to the trash can.

Richard Erickson, Arroyo Grande