Letters to the Editor

President, Congress and courts set to whittle away women’s rights

Women have come a long way. They have become leaders in the workplace, in politics, in academic achievement and in the professional world. It appears they may have reached their peaks and are about to begin the downward slide that would put them back where they were 50 years ago.

It should have been obvious. The new president constantly demeaned, insulted and humiliated women. Now, it seems certain that a new government has no concern for women’s health, will fight their rights for equal pay, will scoff at their child care needs and will turn a deaf ear to their voices as citizens.

Who is to blame? Perhaps women themselves. One expected a majority of males to be insensitive to the needs of others, but the majority of white women voted against their own self-interest.

Over the next few months, we may well see the president, Congress and the Supreme Court whittle away at all the progress that has been made by American women so that the male elite can assert their faux superiority. It will be an American tragedy.

Tom Bauer, Morro Bay