Letters to the Editor

Trimming the printed Tribune won’t attract new readers

The Tribune is located on South Higuera Street.
The Tribune is located on South Higuera Street. bdugan@thetribunenews.com

So a while back, The Tribune changed the paper again. I was wondering whether they realize that most of their readers are older folks. We have failing eyesight, so making the print smaller doesn’t help.

You said that you deleted content that was available from other sources. A lot of us don’t have any other source for news. I am one of those that have internet, but one of many that don’t like to read on the monitor. My neighbor has me give her the lotto results because she doesn’t have a computer.

I heard the comment that if they made the paper any smaller, it wouldn’t even cover the bottom of a bird cage.

And for all this, we get to pay more every time the renewal comes up. I have to agree with the letter that said, “Either print a newspaper or get out of the business” (“The Tribune should continue to print a newspaper, not reduce it,” Jan. 3). Decreasing the content is not the way to attract new customers.

Bill Bright, Atascadero