Letters to the Editor

Dear Donald Trump: The public does care about your tax returns

Dear President-elect Trump:

I write to you about one point. At your news conference Jan. 11, you made the comment that no one cares about your tax returns anymore, only the press cares. I doubt I am the only one, but I want you to know: I care. I care now, and I will care for as long as you are president.

I wanted President-elect Clinton’s returns public and studied. I wanted President-elect Bush’s returns public and studied. I wanted President-elect Obama’s returns public and studied. You are no different. You are not being singled out by the press and the public. You are personally setting yourself apart, and you are wrong if you think some of us do not care.

I do not assume misconduct or “cheating” on your returns, but your refusal to disclose is very troubling. I expect they will be released and examined; therefore, I will continue to look for, and expect to see, your returns available for public scrutiny.

Howard Gillingham, Atascadero