Letters to the Editor

Wake up, church: Don’t let the godless run California

Wake up, church! Are you going to let our beautiful state of California be run by spiritually blind and godless people? Open your “spiritual eyes and ears” and listen to what the spirit of God is saying to His church. Begin to look at what is taking place in California and throughout the United States. Look at what is happening not in the natural but in the spiritual.

There are ungodly strongholds that have been put in place by our legislators that need to come down! Don’t let the anti-God and spiritually blind proceed with their agendas any longer! Pray that God’s people will rise up.

I know that there are those of you “out there” that have “ears to hear and eyes to see” what God is saying. Wake up, church! The greatest movement of God that I have seen in my lifetime has begun. California’s Democratic leaders have struck a defiant stance against this movement. You as Christian taxpayers are subsidizing them. Pray that this “blue wall” on the West Coast will come down and that God’s church will awaken.

Sandra Smith, Morro Bay