Letters to the Editor

Support Harmon, but re-elect Jan Marx mayor of San Luis Obispo

We have two powerful people running for mayor of San Luis Obispo. They are similar in their desire to serve; however, hands down, one far outweighs the other with experience, a proven record and a reputation that has earned her endorsements by The Tribune, local legislators, community groups and a multitude of individual citizens.

Being mayor of SLO is a complex position requiring a seasoned veteran of the City Council, someone with a thorough knowledge of how the council works. Jan Marx understands well the history and issues that have faced and continue to face our city. She has served on the City Council for 12 years, six of them as mayor.

Representing the citizens of SLO takes a leader with sound judgment, in-depth knowledge and experience. Heidi Harmon has no experience whatsoever in public office. Her history is in community activism; she is a one-issue candidate. I applaud Ms. Harmon for stepping up as a local organizer and leading No Oil Train protest marches, but stepping up to mayor? Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

Let’s re-elect Jan Marx as mayor and continue to support Harmon as a community organizer.

Sandra Marshall, San Luis Obispo