Letters to the Editor

San Luis Obispo is stronger thanks to Jan Marx’s tireless work

Jan Marx.
Jan Marx.

I have served as chairman of the San Luis Obispo Tree Committee for nearly eight years. The committee is tasked with holding monthly meetings on controversial tree removal applications. At each meeting, difficult decisions are made, and I’m reminded of how challenging and thankless public service can be. Over time, one develops skills in listening adamantly to all sides and finding reasonable ways forward. This experience is crucial for any political candidate, which is why I’m supporting Jan Marx for mayor.

Jan does the hard work of finding the best solutions to SLO’s complex problems. During her 12 years on the SLO City Council — six as mayor — Jan has accomplished a long list of victories for our town including increased open space preserves, improvements in bicycle infrastructure, better relationships between Cal Poly and the city and increased homeless services. We are a much stronger town thanks to Jan’s tireless work.

We have a candidate in Jan that is experienced and effective. I invite everyone in our city to serve on a commission or committee and labor over the hard decisions we face. I believe Jan does this work successfully, and I encourage voters to re-elect Mayor Jan Marx in November.

Matt Ritter, San Luis Obispo