Letters to the Editor

Assembly candidate Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s ad takes ethics to a new low

Jordan Cunningham and Dawn Ortiz-Legg are running for state Assembly.
Jordan Cunningham and Dawn Ortiz-Legg are running for state Assembly. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

In her recent 35th District campaign commercial, Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s attempt to portray Jordan Cunningham as soft on serious criminals, because as a deputy district attorney he accepted plea bargains is misguided at best. However, the way with which the producers of the commercial attempt to confuse viewers by showing an image of Mr. Cunningham while the narrator discusses high-risk criminals including those involved in domestic violence is shameful and beneath Ms. Ortiz-Legg and her supporters. We now have a new low for ethics in local political campaigns.

A review of Mr. Cunningham’s endorsements invalidates Ms. Ortiz-Legg’s argument. He has been endorsed by numerous public safety employee organizations and officials, including the California Correctional Peace Officers Association and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson. Not exactly groups and individuals who would allow their names to be associated with the enabler and protector of criminals Ms. Ortiz-Legg’s tactics would lead one to believe.

If she feels as though her chances of election victory are so slim that she needs to resort to such unseemly tactics, I suggest Ms. Ortiz-Legg pull the ads and simply work more diligently in delivering her message across to the voters.

Gary Joralemon, Arroyo Grande