Closing Arroyo Grande’s Brisco Road interchange makes sense

We were among the skeptics who didn’t like the idea of temporarily closing Arroyo Grande’s Brisco Road/Highway 101 interchange for a monthslong traffic study. Nor did we like the $100,000 cost estimate connected with the closure. We couldn’t figure out why putting up some “ramp closed” signs would cost so much darned money. (Yes, we know it was more involved than that, but it still seemed like an awfully big bill.)

Nearly six months later, we’re among the converted. Closing the interchange has greatly reduced congestion and made morning commutes much more relaxing, which was more or less confirmed by the traffic study. So we’re on board with shutting down the interchange. In fact, we wonder why it took so long.

That “big honkin’ brickbat we unloaded on the city at the start of the study? We’re taking it back and replacing it with a smooth-road-ahead bouquet.