Dear Santa: All we want for Christmas is rain, ‘Top Chef’ and Garth Brooks

A tree in San Luis Obispo’s Mission Plaza is brightly lit to celebrate the season in 2017.
A tree in San Luis Obispo’s Mission Plaza is brightly lit to celebrate the season in 2017. ldickinson@thetribunenews.com

Dear Santa,

Our apologizes. We meant to mail this list sooner, but between the fires in California, the Republican tax bill, the Trump tweets and, well, we could go on, but I’m sure you understand that life gets complicated outside the North Pole.

But with your magical Santa powers, could you please put a rush on this?

Mind you, we’re not asking for ourselves — though a cappuccino machine for the newsroom would be nice — we’re asking on behalf of those with far greater needs. And to make it easy for you, we’ve limited our list to the West Coast.

One warning: We haven’t vetted everyone on our list, so we’re not sure where they fall on the naughty-nice spectrum, but they are all deserving of your consideration.

So here’s our list, Santa. Merry Christmas — and be careful out there tonight.

For California: Rain in all the right places.

For firefighters: A 2018 fire season that ends in October.

For millennials: A moratorium on advice about “adulting.” Let them figure it out for themselves.

For SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill: The chairman’s gavel, because no one wants a repeat of last year’s political bickering over who gets to sit in the catbird seat.

For Morro Bay: A sewer. And is it too much to ask that it be under $100 million?

For downtown SLO: An army of hard-working elves who can fix the cracks in the sidewalks, take some pruning shears to those overgrown trees, clean the scuff marks off the inside of the parking garages and mop up the puddles of spilled beer and other unsavory liquids left over after busy Friday nights. When they’re done with that, maybe find a new tenant for the Thomas Hill Organics space.

For cyclists: This is a big ask, but a countywide network of protected bike lanes would be ideal.

The wildflowers are in bloom in San Luis Obispo County - especially along Highway 58 near the Carrizo Plain National Monument. The especially wet winter has led to an explosion of wildflowers along the Central Coast. The 2017 season is expected to

For Carrizo Plain National Monument: It survives Interior Department review ... intact.

For Arroyo Grande: A bronze fox, in memory of Foxy.

For Atascadero: A Costco — that would more than make up for losing Walmart.

For Nipomo Mesa residents: Clean air.

For SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton: A skateboard park.

For Avila Beach: An outpouring of financial support to rebuild the pier.

For Highway 46: An overpass for the deadly Cholame “Y.”

For the Mid-State Fair: The return of Garth Brooks.

For state Sen. Bill Monning: A date book that includes regular visits to his constituents in San Luis Obispo County.

For lost, stray and unwanted animals: A new countywide animal shelter — one that includes Atascadero and Paso Robles as willing participants.

For Ilan Funke-Bilu: A judgeship.

For the San Luis Coastal Unified School District: Approval of the Diablo Canyon closure settlement — the one that includes financial help for agencies that will lose lots and lots of property tax revenue when Diablo closes.

For Big Sur: An open highway.

For Pirate’s Cove: Regular trash collection, a level parking lot, graffiti removal ... and a generous supply of TLC.

For Pismo Beach: A Ferris wheel with gondolas shaped like Pismo clams.

For Cal Poly: Applications for admission surpass Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined. Take that, ivies!

For Paso Robles: It’s selected to host a season of “Top Chef.”

Local running legend Jordan Hasay talks about the recent loss of her mother and her record-breaking third place finish at the 2017 Boston Marathon.

For Jordan Hasay: A first-place finish in Boston.

For voters: A ban on robocalls ... at least during the dinner hour.

For our readers: A peaceful — and happy — holiday.

What are you wishing for? Tell us in the comments.