It’s two years later. Why are campaign signs still up?

Political campaign signs in Cambria.
Political campaign signs in Cambria. Tribune file photo

Political signs are like Easter eggs — it’s hard to remember where they’re all stashed. That’s why some hosts of backyard hunts go through the trouble of meticulously mapping where all the eggs are hidden, because who wants to stumble across a 4-year-old rotten egg while racing barefoot through the garden?

But back to campaign signs: They are treated as temporary signs, and under state regulations, they may be posted no sooner than 90 days before a scheduled election and are supposed to be removed within 10 days after election day.

Technically speaking, any signs from the last election that are still up are in violation of the law, though we aren’t sticklers — we’re not going to publicly shame this or that politician for forgetting to retrieve a sign or two. After all, the campaign wasn’t that long ago … except, hello! Just a few days ago we spotted a couple of campaign signs from 2014 on Willow Road in Nipomo.

So here’s a friendly reminder to all you political types: It’s time to take ’em down, or you’ll be getting a few egg-shaped brickbats in your Easter basket.