Don’t teach women not to be raped, teach men not to do it

Enough is enough! How long have we been saying that in regards to rape?

These so called “young men” are ruining lives.

The focus for many years has been to tell girls and women how to behave when going to parties: What not to wear, don’t drink from an open container. Can we for once look at the problem? Tell these men not to drug and rape and sexually harass.

Are parents teaching their boys what is right or wrong? It starts early — teach your boys to be respectful. Teach them about sexuality. Teach them about power and control. Teach them the effects of rape. Teach them about pornography. Teach them about consent. Teach them that a woman’s life will be forever altered by being raped. Teach them that to stand by and silent when a woman is being raped is just as bad as raping her. Teach them about alcohol and how it affects their brains. Tell them to think of their sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers before raping someone.

Clearly those who are raping in these fraternities aren’t learning this. How many more rapes will it take? How many more lives have to be ruined?

Alisa Piette and Christy Candaele, San Luis Obispo