SLO County’s end-of-year quiz: How much do you remember?

Before 2015 fades into memory, we invite you to revisit some of the highs and lows of the past 12 months by taking our annual end-of-year SLO County events quiz. Score one point for each correct answer.

Part 1: Multiple Choice

Note: Some questions have more than one answer.

1. How many times did county supervisors elect a chairman of the board?

(a) They didn’t. The board decided it would improve civility if it hired an outside facilitator to run meetings.

(b) Once

(c) Twice or more

2. Over some strenuous objections, the San Luis Obispo City Council decided to allow the vacant building at 1144 Chorro Street — known to longtime residents as the old Rileys department store — to be converted into a:

(a) Yogurt emporium

(b) Skating rink

(c) Bowling alley

(d) Frat house

3. Cal Poly introduced an ambitious master plan that included which of the following elements:

(a) A hotel/conference center

(b) An equestrian pavilion

(c) An outlet mall

(d) Additional student housing, possibly including a Greek row

(e) A pub

(f) Hammock-friendly classrooms and dorms

4. Which of the following concepts did Cal Poly eventually drop from its master plan?

(a) Moving the Leaning Pine Arboretum

(b) Building a hotel/conference center

(c) Building housing on vineyards and orchards near Highway 1

5. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who represented parts of San Luis Obispo County prior to redistricting, was in the running to become:

(a) Stephen Colbert’s replacement

(b) Speaker of the House

(c) Abel Maldonado’s BFF

(d) The Tribune’s next conservative columnist

6. Some Mid-State Fair goers demanded refunds because:

(a) The concessionaires ran out of deep-fried Twinkies.

(b) The carnival rides made them sick.

(c) Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper were three hours late for their show.

(d) On account of the drought, the grounds weren’t as green as they had been in the past.

7. Speaking of drought, which of the following water-saving measures were not adopted by one or more local water purveyors?

(a) Limiting outdoor watering to two days a week

(b) Offering rebates to customers willing to tear out their lawns

(c) Banning restaurants from offering water to customers unless it was requested

(d) Recommending customers shower no more than three times a week and shampoo once a week

(e) Limiting the amount of turf allowed in new housing developments

(f) Requiring water wasters to attend a class on conservation methods

8. Save Our Downtown opposes:

(a) Allowing more bars in downtown SLO

(b) Allowing skyscrapers in SLO

(c) Allowing fun in SLO

9. Using the number of letters published in The Tribune as a yardstick, which topic generated the most interest in SLO County in 2015?

(a) Global warming

(b) The psychiatric hospital proposed in Templeton

(c) The firing of SLO Symphony conductor Michael Nowak

(d) The proposed Phillips 66 rail spur

10. The San Luis Obispo County chapter of the League of Women Voters made a concerted effort for:

(a) More nutritious school lunches

(b) Civility at public meetings

(c) Saving ag land

(d) A ceiling on the number of yogurt shops in downtown SLO


1) c 2) c 3) a, b, d and e 4) a, b and c 5) b 6) c 7) d 8) a and b 9) d 10) b

Part 2: Who said what?

Match the quote in Column A to the speaker in Column B.

Column A (quotes)

1.“You are going to have people punching holes in the ground like mosquitoes on a Minnesota camper.”

2. “The plant (Diablo Canyon) is dangerous. When there are millions of people downwind of the plant, it is an unacceptable risk.”

3. “I don’t think where a student lives is necessarily going to keep them away from parties or out of the neighborhoods.”

4. “There’s currently no legal remedy to order them off the roof. And then you’re talking about infusing a few cops into a live mob, each one with a liability on their hip — their gun.”

5. “What do you do with 20,000 dead trees?”

6. “I’ll grab my water guy, and let’s have the Nipomo Community Services District get their best expert … and let’s have a public meeting ...”

7. “This is my 11th year on the council, and I have always had a good experience chairing meetings, except with this council. I feel I deserve more respect than I’m getting.”

8. “Are we against the poor?”

9. “It’s been a hard decision to make, for I have loved this job. But life moves on.”

10. “The bottom line is that marijuana sales, when they are not closely regulated, tend to bring more crime. The large amounts of cash and marijuana create an attractive nuisance.”

Column B (choices)

Jeffrey Armstrong

Erin Brockovich

Lois Capps

David Crosby

Dan Dow

Steve Gesell

Bruce Gibson

Adam Hill

Rob Lewin

Jan Marx


(1) Bruce Gibson (2) David Crosby (3) Jeffrey Armstrong (4) Steve Gesell (5) Rob Lewin (6) Erin Brockovich (7) Jan Marx (8) Adam Hill (9) Lois Capps (10) Dan Dow

Part 3: Who’s in the running?

We give you the names of some candidates seeking election in 2016, and you tell us the offices they’re hoping to fill:

1. Katcho Achadjian

2. Debbie Peterson

3. John Peschong

4. Justin Fareed

5. Steve Martin

6. Jordan Cunningham

7. Eric Michielssen

8. Salud Carbujal

9. Dan Carpenter

10.Dawn Ortiz-Legg


(1) 24th District Congressional seat (2) 3rd District supervisor (3) 1st District supervisor (4) 24th District Congressional seat (5) 1st District supervisor (6) 35th District state Assembly seat (7) 5th District supervisor (8) 24th District Congressional seat (9) 3rd Distrct supervisor (10) 35th District Assembly seat


30-25: Congratulations! You are a SLO County insider!

24-18: Congratulations! You know what’s going on … but you have a life, too!

17-10: No worries! There’s always next year!

Less than 10: Go back to Orange County!