Thanks, John McCain!

I am a lifelong Democrat because I belong to the LGBTQI community and the Republican Party’s almost total disregard of it. I have always felt the Democrats were infinitely worthier of my vote. Currently, however, I have strong confidence in Republican Sen. John McCain.

He seems to be the only sane Republican leader at present. Had he been running for the presidency in 2016, I might have done what I have said I would never do: vote Republican. He has an honest integrity in his reactions to his party’s problems.

Yes, there are definite problems in Obamacare that I would like to see fixed or replaced by something workable for the entire nation, one that does not leave out millions of Americans who desperately need help. I’m not a possible victim of an offensive health care bill because I’m too old and covered by Medicare. I’m hopeful, though, that any replacement of Obamacare will be at least an adequate single-payer arrangement for all Americans. I have a family member who was in severe pain for years, but who could not afford a hip replacement until Obamacare arrived.

Thank you, John McCain, for doing the right thing again!

Michael McPherson, Nipomo