A heat wave is about to hit SLO County, and it could break records

North County families beat near-record heat with a trip to the pool

As temperatures in Paso Robles hit 110 degrees, families took to the Centennial Pool to cool off on Friday, July 7, 2017.
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As temperatures in Paso Robles hit 110 degrees, families took to the Centennial Pool to cool off on Friday, July 7, 2017.

An end-of-summer heat wave will hit San Luis Obispo County this weekend, with the potential for record-breaking inland temperatures early next week.

Paso Robles thermometers will climb into triple digits on Friday, with temperatures predicted to reach 102 degrees, according to John Lindsey, a PG&E meteorologist. San Luis Obispo and coastal valley areas will likely remain in the low 80s.

The North County could see record-breaking heat on Sunday and Monday. Lindsey’s forecast predicts Paso Robles’ high temperature will reach 109 degrees on Sunday, which would smash the previous record of 106 degrees set in 2001. Monday’s high is predicted to hit 111 degrees which would break the old 107-degree record set in 2008.

And Tuesday’s predicted high temperature of 109 degrees could tie the record set in 1998. Inland areas will remain in the 100-degree range throughout the week, although temperatures should cool down slightly next Wednesday and Thursday.

San Luis Obispo won’t quite hit triple digits, with high temperatures to top out at 96 degrees on Monday.

Lindsey said the heat wave is caused by a combination of three factors: a strong high pressure system expanding from the Great Basin and desert Southwest, northeastern Santa Lucia winds that drive the marine layer off-shore and the warm air those winds bring with them when they descend off the mountains.

“It’s almost kind of a triple whammy,” Lindsey said.

The hot temperatures are expected to continue through Labor Day weekend, a typical weather pattern for this time of year, Lindsey said.

Lindsey Holden: 805-781-7939, @lindseyholden27

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