Vaping is an increasing problem among young people. Here’s how we stop it
How can we best confront the rapid spread of vaping among young people? Influencers weigh in
Gavin Newsom said he’d be a champion for families. His first year in office shows it
Are later school start times the answer to getting kids more sleep? Maybe, maybe not

Influencers 2019

Who are our 2019 California Influencers? Meet them here

What is the best time for CA students to start classes? The answer is complicated
California’s housing crisis is displacing renters. What can be done to protect them?
What’s the best way to keep California renters in their homes? Influencers weigh in
Can California and federal government work together to protect environment? Not likely
California is unlikely to work with Trump on environment policy. Influencers explain why
Protecting privacy in the digital age is hard. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done
How can California effectively protect privacy rights and personal data of its citizens?
What is California’s role in protecting privacy in a data-driven world? Here are some ideas
How can California communities attract doctors and other medical practitioners?
California communities need to attract doctors, medical practitioners. Here’s how
Ethnic studies remains controversial. But keeping the conflict positive can produce results
How should California approach teaching ethnic studies in public school?
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