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Morro Bay leaders say they’re making progress on 2015-16 goals

The city of Morro Bay is making steady progress on a number of its objectives for this year, though larger infrastructure projects are still in the midst of planning, according to a mid-year report that analyzes a list of several goals for 2015-2016.

The city identified 10 broad areas of focus for city attention during the fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2015, and ending June 30, 2016. Those goals include planning a new wastewater treatment and water reclamation facility; improving streets; reviewing and updating land use plans; improving coordination between events and groups for marketing Morro Bay; and raising some city fees to recover costs.

Within the 10 key areas of focus were 73 distinct objectives.

The city’s analysis showed that 30 percent of its objectives are complete or being implemented; 58 percent are ongoing; 7 percent will be started in the months ahead; and 5 percent were not budgeted.

The completed goals include:

Ongoing goals include:

  • Pursuing financing for significant street improvements in the next two or three years that would require taking out a loan.
  • Working toward General Plan and Local Coast Plan updates (a request for proposal for a consultant has been issued with plans to begin the process in January 2016).
  • Writing and adopting a city police body camera policy (body camera testing is being done with a policy completion goal of January).
  • Researching and discussing the delivery of high-speed fiber to Morro Bay.
  • Completing California Coastal Commission permitting for the city’s existing desalination plant (staff has a consultant and is hopeful for permitting by June 2016).

Other initiatives that have been delayed or are not funded include:

  • Sidewalk improvements focusing on parks, school zones and business districts (future consideration).
  • New street signs (awaiting completion of Downtown/Waterfront Strategic Plan).
  • Reaching out to health care providers to bring a health center to Morro Bay (future consideration).