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Here’s what your local councils are talking about the week of December 3, 2018

San Luis Obispo City Hall
San Luis Obispo City Hall

Atascadero Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 805-461-5000. Consider an amendment to a permit for an expansion of Ingleside Assisted Living at 10630 West Front Road. Consider a permit to allow Colony Tavern to open at 8451 El Camino Real.

Los Osos Community Services District Board. Meets Thursday. 805-528-9370. 8th Street and El Morro Avenue Stormwater and Perched Water Recovery Project; weed abatement ordinance; potential response to August Cleath-Harris geology report on Los Osos basin.

Morro Bay Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 805-772-6200. General Plan/Local Coastal Plan Update.

Paso Robles City Council. Meets Tuesday. 805-237-3888. Swear in new Councilwoman Maria Garcia and re-elected Councilman John Hamon and Mayor Steve Martin. Discuss council committee assignments for regional bodies, commission liaisons and ad hoc committees.

San Luis Obispo City Council. Special 3 p.m. meeting Monday. 805-781-7200. Recognition of outgoing council member Dan Rivoire and installation of newly elected members Heidi Harmon and Carlyn Christianson.

San Luis Obispo City Council. Regular Tuesday meeting. 805-781-7200. Bid for water resource recovery facility project; Bob Jones Trail preferred alternative selection; 2019-2021 financial plan process.

Templeton Community Services District Board. Meets Tuesday. 805-434-4900. Award a contract for the construction of the raise water valves and manholes Main Street project to Michael Frederick Paving Corporation. Authorize staff to increase the total contract amount for the East Side Force Main and Lift Stations Project by $128,270.80.