Woman swerves, slams into Ohio police cruiser head-on, video shows

Dashcam footage shows the moment a driver swerved toward a police cruiser in Ohio, slamming into it head-on.

Franklin County sheriff deputies were sent to a home in Truro Township in response to a call about a woman “in crisis” at just after 11 p.m. on Sept. 8, the department said in a Facebook post.

The woman got in a car and left as a deputy neared the home in his cruiser, police say. As he approached, the deputy noticed a car traveling toward him at what appeared to be a relatively high speed, the post says.

In the video, lights from the car can be seen moving directly at the cruiser before swerving away toward the curb then back again, finally crashing head-on into the cruiser. Debris shoots into the air and the driver can be seen jostling around in the car before going limp.

Not long after, the deputy gets out of his cruiser and makes his way over to the woman’s car. The deputy can be seen sliding his arm through the driver’s side window, which is partially rolled down, and unlocking the door before reaching in to turn off the car. He then pulls the driver out of the car as other officers arrive.

Police say the driver — identified as Brittney Donston, 26 — was rendered unconscious by the crash and taken to an area hospital for treatment. She’s been charged with assault on a police officer.

It’s unclear if Donston was the subject of the initial call.

The deputy had “a minor injury to his hand/arm area, was treated a local hospital, and released,” the sheriff’s office said in its Facebook post.

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