Woman puts octopus on her face for photo in Washington. It didn’t end well

What a Washington woman hoped would make a great photo for a competition won her hospital admittance, instead.

A fisherman caught a young giant Pacific octopus while Jamie Bisceglia was participating in a fishing derby on Friday, KING5 reported. She asked her fellow angler if she could have the octopus for a photo to submit to a contest and ultimately eat for dinner.

The fisherman agreed and Bisceglia decided to put the octopus on her face for the photo, but that’s when things took a turn for the worse, according to a Facebook post that appears to have been taken down.

It bit her face.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 8.54.41 A_fitted.jpeg
Jamie Bisceglia says she was bitten by an octopus and injected with venom while out on fishing in Washington. Screengrab: Jamie Bisceglia

“It had barreled its beak into my chin and then let go a little bit and did it again,” Bisceglia said, according to KIRO7. “It was a really intense pain when it went inside and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time.”

Though she was bleeding, Bisceglia said she didn’t think she needed to go to the hospital until Sunday when she realized something wasn’t right.

“I noticed that I could not swallow properly. My throat was swollen. The left side of my face was almost paralyzed feeling,” she said, according to KING5.

She went to a hospital in Tacoma, Washington, where she received treatment from an octopus fan: a doctor with an octopus tattoo, the news outlet reported.

According to Ocean Conservatory, giant Pacific octopodes are venomous and use their sharp beak to inject their prey. They grow to be an average 12 feet in length and more than 50 pounds, tending to eat small fish as well as shrimp and lobster — human faces are rarely on the menu.

“I didn’t know they had a beak that they can inject into you,” Bisceglia wrote on Facebook. “Well it happened to me. Ouch.”

But Bisceglia may have gotten her revenge. The evening of the biting incident she posted a photo of an eye to Facebook along with the caption, “I never imagined such a wonderful foraged dinner! I love octopus.” This post also appears to have been taken down.

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